Kwik-E-Mart is an e-commerce shop for a local liquor store.

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Liquor Store

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Tools Used

I built the front-end UI with React.js and deployed my finished app using Netlify. Proper Github links have been established and extensive commit logs have been maintained in order to maximize code stability and security. React.js: useContext was instrumental in accessing state throughout my application while maintaining a high level of code readability.

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Data Management

The biggest challenge I faced was figuring out how to properly handle all the store data. I had a products list with over 18,000 items. I decided to use the Javascript: .splice() method to evenly distribute all product items into their appropriate pagination link. Unfortunately, many image links were not working, so I incorporated default images in any broken item image by taking advantage of the React.js: onError method and calling a function that replaces broken image links for a better user experience.

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